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EU Aquaculture Market Trends

EU Aquaculture Market Trends

Ethoxyquin-free tops the list of trends for 2016. The levels of Ethoxyquin inclusion in fish feed have been reduced dramatically over the past years. There is a growing concern over the use of Ethoxyquin in the food chain as it has been found in human tissue and breast milk which has caused a rapid movement towards alternatives.

Excellent performance can be found with human grade synthetic and natural antioxidants in fish oils such as Dadex MegaLife® NGM and Dadex TORAC® NGM.

There are a number of countries in the EU where natural and organic foods are dominating the market. This is creating a demand for natural and organic antioxidants that are easily dispersed, soluble and effective in extending the shelf life and maintaining the nutritional profile of the feed.

Under the Dadex® brand, Caldic has been delighting our customers by innovating and supplying antioxidant solutions to the food and pet food industry for over 25 years. On trend, Dadex® meets each customer’s specific application and shelf life challenges with products that are:

  • Ethoxyquin-Free
  • Natural
  • Organic

Caldic’s dedicated R&D application and process development support teams and our unique blend of science, quality and customer service guarantee great results in your finished product, operation and supply chain.

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