A Caldic Silicone Solution

Why Calsil

Meeting your needs

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Our vision is to be a leading and inspiring partner.

We strive to offer the best quality ingredient in a unique solution to exactly match your needs. Our services must add value to your products at all times. Silicones have until now been offered as an one-off product without matching ingredients and complementing services. So we developed Calsil: a silicone brand of top quality and competitive silicone ingredients delivered from stock from Caldic locations which offer a worldwide distribution network. Calsil provides the exact turnkey solution, simplifying our customers’ life, reducing their buying stress; now customers only pay for the value they measure and desire, no more, no less. Whether you need small volumes or large batches of silicone ingredients, Calsil is a unique one-stop-shopping in the industry, designed to simplify your silicone buying, optimize your tracking, while accelerating your production. Only this makes it possible to meet the needs of the ever more demanding and fast-moving cosmetic consumer market.


  • is flexible in packaging, formulations and delivers
  • is always available
  • includes tailored silicones preparations
  • with customized production and supply chain services

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Calsil is CRC certified
For the production of food, it means the product needs to be thoroughly cleaned in a prescribed fashion to ensure that there is no cross-contamination for non-kosher food items produced on the same machinery. We are happy to announce that our in-house facilities have been audited and approved Kosher-grade. All specific Food solutions will be visibly cRc certificated.

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Please find more information on Kosher-grade production on www.crcweb.org.