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Calsil FGA 20 qualified as Food Grade Antifoam Solution in Sugar Glazing

Calsil FGA 20 qualified as Food Grade Antifoam Solution in Sugar Glazing

Experiencing repetitive foam situations in the manufacturing of its sugar glazing or coating, a Belgian customer looked for food-grade antifoam that could be as effective when the coating is manually applied or automatically sprayed on fruit pies, cakes and other pastries.

The customers’ glazing formula contains glucose syrup with water, sugar, pectin, citric acid, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum as typical ingredients.

The Calsil FGA 20 solution outperformed:

1. The customers’ existing defoamer as the difference in foam levels is visibly demonstrated on the pictures below, where the Calsil solution is coded HC0131/04 in the blind test

2. The adequate and complete regulatory compliant solution provided by Calsil QHSE team, (with a complete food Compliance certificate) which answered 95 % of the customer’s pending questions right from the get go. The client was impressed with our knowledge as well as Caldic 360° view since 41% of Caldic turnover comes from the food industry

3. The solution proposed by Calsil completely resolved the issue that the customer experienced with a constant presence of air in the glazing which turned it into an opaque coating. Now the client’s glazing is completely transparent!

For more information, please contact our Calsil Food Processing Expert Tom De Bondt at Caldic Belgium.

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