A Caldic Silicone Solution


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Simplified Sourcing & Powerful Supply Chain

A complete one-stop-shop with silicone oils and derived emulsions, dispersions and blends, combined in the same delivery basket with the essential formulating ingredients. Worldwide we deliver your orders where and when you need them.

Adequate Solutions

From standard 200 or 1,000L to specific packaging, we also help our clients in finding alternate sources, fast-track qualification, simplify and accelerate paperwork and certificates & full traceability. How can we help you?

Accelerate your production with competitive material

Our bespoke solutions combine batches of pre-mixed ingredients; we provide intermediates within your specifications so you can concentrate on your finished products. As a leading distributor, we combine your needs into much larger volumes at key producers; we are your reliable and competitive source for cosmetic ingredients.

Our services


Our batch makers possess extensive knowledge of the complexities and requirements for blending. Flexible equipment and infrastructure enables us to provide our customers with customized blended solutions.


Using our powerful stirring devices we are able to produce homogenous solutions. Generally the solutions are filtered and filled in required trading units. Our devices are equipped with heating and cooling units, therefore we manufacture solutions regardless of exothermic and endothermic processes.


If needed for your application, we are able to disperse our or your products.The dispersions are performed at high solid contents up to 70%.


With our dedicated lines, we are able to repack products into, for example, 200 liter drums. Our dedicated lines guarantee efficient and safe filling of drums. We are able to drum direct out from tanks as well as tankers. Afterwards the drums are transported with our own trucks and by efficient logistic handling. This results in quick deliveries with a real time track and trace ability!


Caldic produces mixtures of two or more unblendable liquids resulting in stable water oil/oil water emulsions. Several stirring devices in our liquid production can be used to form the required emulsion by mechanical agitation.


Mixing diverse mixtures of liquid and/or solid products is part of a tailored solution. Liquid products can be mixed in mixing containers of diverse sizes and with diverse equipment. By request this is also possible under inert conditions.

Repacking and Paletizing

Small or large amounts of your ordered silicones? Repack into what fits your customer? We repack into whatever is best for you. Our repacking service stimulates efficient and safe logistics, according to highest standards quality and safety. Next to repacking Caldic handles its own logistics with its own transport. This combination ensures efficient, safe and yet on time deliveries!